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Every Day Should be a Day of Happiness


As we're sure you know, today is the UN's International Day of Happiness. It's great to have a day to focus on happiness, but we think EVERY day should be a day of happiness, don't you? This quote sums it up "Every day may not be good, but there is always something good in every day." We understand that everyone has bad days, but even in those bad days there will be something good that you can focus on and be happy about. The kindness of a friend, a door held open for you, a seat on the train, your child's smile and a hug when you get home... there are lots of little silver linings in even the worst of days.

Well being

How to Discover Your Strengths

How often have you been told you're great at something and just brushed it off as nothing? I'm extremely good at doing that and never believing it's a sincere compliment or acknowledgment of a genuine strength I have. After all, isn't that just something we all do naturally without thinking about it?


Come on England! Can Sports Psychology help us to World Cup Glory?


Will England build their resilience

As a keen football supporter and season ticket holder at Ipswich Town FC – although some may say the two don't necessarily go hand in hand - I was interested to learn last week that England manager, Roy Hodgson, has confirmed he will use a leading sports psychologist in the lead-up to the World Cup - naming Dr Steve Peters as the man who will help prepare his players for the challenges in Brazil.

Building resilience

Mental Health – Let’s Focus on the Good Stuff

As you know, Positive psychology is also known as the study of happiness, but traditionally psychology has focused on what is wrong, on mental illness or other psychological problems and how to treat them, rather than mental health and wellbeing. Which begs the question, why is that?

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Can You Have a Happy Commute?

Pretty much everything you'll find online tells you it's nigh on impossible to have a happy commute, but as I was sat on the DLR a couple of weeks ago and the sun was streaming in through the window, with a view of the Olympic stadium in the distance, I realised that I was actually enjoying my journey to work. OK, I don't commute in regularly these days, but for five years I travelled into London from leafy Hertfordshire spending two hours of my day on a train.

Well being

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