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Why it matters to be Happy at Work


Hopefully you’ve read our last blog ‘Do You Really Love Your Job?’ so you’ll know we have a fab Flourish at Work assessment tool that can help you work out if you do. But we thought you might like to know more about why it matters to be happy and love your job.

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Do You Really Love Your Job?


Is it really that important? Do you really need to love what you do, or is it just a job? Well we think you can, and you should. How many times have you started January thinking "I must get a new job this year"?

Employee engagement

Kindness is the real spirit of Christmas


Recently there have been some heart breaking and shocking stories in the news, the Sydney siege, the horrific shooting at a school in Pakistan and the children murdered by their mother/aunt in Cairns, Australia. More and more people in the UK are having to visit food banks just to get by and it seems there is a growing number of fanatics who want to threaten our way of life with their plans for terrorist activity. But in the last week we have heard stories that have warmed the cockles of our hearts and restored some of our faith in the kindnesses that people show to others.

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Rise and Rave – Dark Morning? So What, Let’s Dance!


At 6:30 in the morning, not many people have dancing on their mind. Coffee and toast perhaps, or catching up on the news. But not a party, surely?

But on Wednesday 17th December, on a street in East London, as the sun begins to rise, a queue of people will be waiting to get into a warehouse. Most will have been fast asleep less than an hour earlier but by they'll be wearing crazy clubbing outfits and some may even have gone as far as having their faces painted. What on earth are they doing? They're waiting for Morning Gloryville to start.

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5 Simple ways to Build a Gratitude Habit


Gratitude is an important ingredient in happiness and resilience. Studies show that people who are more grateful are also happier. We know that with a little bit of practice, it's pretty easy to lift your overall sense of gratitude – I've talked about ways to do this in an earlier blog How a Pessimist became Practically Positive. Martin Seligman, the late founder of Positive Psychology recommends the following to help cultivate the feeling of being grateful: for our lives, for our relationships, for what we've overcome.

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