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Exploring Strengths
  • How to uncover who you are at your best and get to peak performance
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Exploring Strengths


Strengths are an important feature of the Positive Psychology field. There's a key difference between a Strength and a competence. Using a Strength – something that you're not only good at but that also energises you – gives you more satisfaction, challenge and joy from an experience.

And given we spend most of our time at work, we can all find huge benefits in applying our strengths to our roles.

The workshop journey:

  • Discuss the science of strengths and why they matter.
  • Explore what your strengths are and what this means for you as individuals.
  • Understand the context of where your strengths have come from and impacted your career and life so far.
  • Focus on the extent to which you are using these in your current roles.
  • Practically plan for the future where more of your strengths can be used – giving greater self-awareness, direction and satisfaction.


*research from Professor Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania


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