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About Us

Practically Positive is a training company based in Oxfordshire and London that works with clients all around the UK. We help them boost employee engagement, well-being and resilience, which dramatically cuts organisational costs.

We’ve been helping employees and companies flourish, since 2011. We’ve worked with clients big and small, from big retailers like Topshop and Sweaty Betty to a range of other businesses like HSBC, Rugby World Cup and Innocent.

How we work

We turn the latest positive psychology research and techniques into practical, memorable workshops, which we can apply in the workplace. We have a range of solutions to fix problems like low employee engagement, high attrition or sick leave:

Workshops are usually half a day and are designed for up to 15 people, but of course, all of our products are adaptable and we’d love to talk to you about your needs.

Our Mission

Protect. Enable. Strengthen. Flourish.

Your business is in their heads. Heads? Don’t you mean hands?

No we don’t. If your business is going to succeed it is the minds of your people that will make this happen. Those who feel valued, energised and happy at work will work harder and do far better than those who don’t. To build your business sustainably, you need psychological protection from the inside out. At Practically Positive, everything we do is geared towards empowering individuals to push their boundaries,   to help you achieve your vision. It’s a simple concept – once when your peoplethey are mentally flourishing, so will your business.

At our best, our work is done proactively and is part of the fibre and culture of your clients’ organisations. Prevention is better than cure, and the science of positive psychology works. But like any physical health drive, there’s usually a trigger. Stress, sickness, unwanted attrition, disengagement, redundancy, restructure, team cohesion, fast growth and change of any sort – these are the reasons our clients call us.


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Protect. Enable. Strengthen. Flourish. Your business is in their heads.