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Use Resilience to battle Redundancy Stress


In this age of austerity perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you in your professional life is being made redundant. Having your position put at risk and then going through the consultation period is a time of tremendous stress and it’s now, more than ever, that it’s important to utilise your strengths and do your best to remain positive.


A Tower of Strength


I had the pleasure of seeing a very dynamic and courageous circus act at The Udderbelly Festival, at London's Southbank last week – A Simple Space, by Gravity and Other Myths.


Spring makes us Happy


The clocks have sprung forward heralding the start of British Summer time and spring is here at last. The sun is streaming through my window as I type this and I can see blossom on the trees and bushes in the park opposite my house. There is a beautiful bunch of sunny yellow daffodils in the sunlight on my window ledge basking and I’m happy. Each component part of that sentence makes me happy in itself – apart from losing an hour’s sleep at the weekend thanks to the clocks changing, but as the parent of a 5 year old it’s not such a shock to the system as it once was.

It’s not just me, many people are now in very good moods, on the school run (walk) this morning the children were running and skipping and singing, parents were looking a little less harried than usual and sunglasses have begun to replace scarves and hats. You may believe that these first wonderful sunny – and hopefully warm - days of the year simply feel good, but this spring euphoria isn’t an illusion — it can actually be scientifically explained.


Human beings are programmed to rest when it’s dark, and to be active and in high spirits when it’s light,” says Peter Walschburger, professor emeritus of biopsychology at the Freie Universität Berlin. “We react massively to light so conscious experience and human behaviour change radically on fine spring days.”

The sunshine encourages us to get outside more, layers of coats and jumpers start to come off and the feeling of warm sun on our skin makes us feel happier. “There’s a general resonance effect.” Walschburger says “So spring is an unbelievable time”.


The sun’s rays change our hormonal balance, increasing levels of the “feel good” hormone serotonin and with more of the happiness hormone in our blood, our moods improve. Warmth also improves our moods, although the cold doesn’t necessarily contribute to bad mood or feeling unhappy.

“Hormones that have a particularly strong influence on our moods are the sleep hormone melatonin and the happiness hormone serotonin,” explains Helmut Schatz, spokesman for the German Society of Endocrinology. “When it gets light earlier and the sun shines more strongly, more light hits the eye. Thus the pineal gland — sometimes called the third eye — sends an order to the brain to lower melatonin production, which makes us livelier.”


People are sensitive to weather and always have been, more people than ever are suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a type of depression that has a seasonal pattern. “It’s in our genes, it’s ancient,” says medical meteorologist Gerhard Lux of the DWD weather service. Though our wellbeing in no longer so weather-dependent, because of central heating and air-conditioning, the weather still influences us.

In spring, both the sun’s rays and a seasonal rhythm are responsible for a literal ‘spring’ in our steps. “Suddenly, we feel like going somewhere where we can get a cool beer or an ice cream,” Lux says. “The wish to be a part of things is activated.” When the body reacts positively to a beautiful day, he says. “It’s a sign that things are in good working order.”

Even if you work in a dull and shadowy office, making a couple of adjustments to your day can help you to appreciate the springtime. Try getting off the bus or train one stop earlier and walk on your way in, or make sure you get 5 minutes outside during the day – pop outside and find a sunny spot, spend those few minutes being mindful, you’ll be surprised how energised it can make you feel.

Whether you’re sat in a sun-filled room, out and about in the fresh air, or stealing a few minutes of your day, spring’s arrival is cause for happiness. It means longer days, summer sun, pub gardens and holidays are just around the corner.

Well being

Let’s Talk About Managers


How do you really feel about your boss? Are they an inspiration, or do they drive you to desperation? Business folklore has it that people leave their boss as often as they leave a job, also that great inspirational and empowering bosses are as rare as hen’s teeth. But do they? Are they really? And if so, why?

Employee engagement

Look at Me


Last night, whilst I was catching up with a TV programme I've found myself being sucked into – Indian Summers, if you're wondering - I was multi-tasking and looking for inspiration for a blog subject at the same time when I heard the unmistakable sound of Julie Walters' voice, which made me look up (Julie appears in the show and is, in my opinion, the best thing about it so I always pay attention to her bits) and I realised it wasn't the show, but an advert for the charity Women's Aid.

Well being

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