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Real Team Relationships
  • How to impact people in a way that builds rather than breaks
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Real Team Relationships

All businesses are made up of people – and the better their relationships, the better they perform. But difficult personalities or misunderstandings can be extremely destructive. Strong teamwork has been shown to increase not only job and life satisfaction, but when nurses work together more effectively it even reduces hospital mortality rate. Powerful stuff.

The workshop journey:

  • Pinpoint where your relationships are strong and where they have areas of friction.
  • Understand the basics of different motivations and how you can spot and adapt your behaviour.
  • Practice getting in others' shoes and seeing how your behaviour can be misunderstood.
  • Focus on the basics of responding to any interaction in an 'active-constructive' manner.
  • Build your own relationship map to strengthen your network.
  • This session can be done with or without the use of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) instrument.


ALSO AVAILABLE: Use of MBTI® instrument to understand team interactions, communication and stress styles.

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*research from Professor Michael West, Aston Business School


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