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Exploring Strengths
  • How to uncover who you are at your best and get to peak performance

Bring Out The Best

Bring out The Best workshop: Goal setting and Coaching

With a team of stars, a manager's life is easy. But what happens when performance is distinctly average? Here we look at the science of setting relevant and stretching goals for our teams. One of the most powerful ways to then bring out the best in them is to learn how to ask brilliant questions – or in other words, coach them. We explore the science behind a coaching approach and a model that allows us to improve our team members' performance.

Bring out The Best Workshop Journey

  • Discuss where goals have and haven't worked in your career and what you can learn from this.
  • Explore the science of goal setting and apply this to someone in your team.
  • Understand and try out the GROW model of coaching as a powerful influencing technique.
  • Practice coaching a team member to hit a goal.
  • Create a personal plan to get the best from your team.


5 Ways you can Achieve Flow 18 April 2018, 00.00 Sharon
5 Ways you can Achieve Flow
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