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Emotional Intelligence
  • How to understand our emotions, work through tough ones and embrace the great ones
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Emotional Intelligence

All aspects of business involve emotions – from making decisions, to running a meeting, to dealing with feedback. We all know we feel emotions, but few of us really know what effect they're having on us. Another prominent research area for positive psychologists, we need to recognise, understand, use, and manage our own, and others' emotions to get the most from them.

The workshop journey:

  • Tap into the language of emotions and practice your ability to read your own reactions.
  • Understand the interpretations that are causing those reactions and challenge them when they're unhelpful.
  • Explore 'irrational' reactions and the deeply held self-views that can see you 'in the grip' of emotions.
  • Hone your perception of others' emotions and use this to practice dealing with tricky relationship situations.


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