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Why Acts of Kindness at Work Help Everyone


When was the last time someone went out of their way to be kind to you at work? Researchers at the University of California, led by Joseph Chancellor, carried out a study of the Coca Cola workforce in Madrid decided to determine how an act of kindness can have a ripple effect out into the wider organisation and working environment.

Employee engagement

How to Love Mondays

Love Mondays

According to research from the London School of Business and Finance almost half of us are not happy at work. If you're one of these people, or you have a job that doesn't fulfil you and give you that Holy Grail called job satisfaction, those Sunday blues can almost be overwhelming. They can start just after lunch on Sunday and colour your whole afternoon and evening – you may even find yourself staying up as late as possible in an attempt to avoid Monday arriving. It doesn't work though, does it?

Employee engagement

Let’s Talk About Managers


How do you really feel about your boss? Are they an inspiration, or do they drive you to desperation? Business folklore has it that people leave their boss as often as they leave a job, also that great inspirational and empowering bosses are as rare as hen’s teeth. But do they? Are they really? And if so, why?

Employee engagement

Why it matters to be Happy at Work


Hopefully you’ve read our last blog ‘Do You Really Love Your Job?’ so you’ll know we have a fab Flourish at Work assessment tool that can help you work out if you do. But we thought you might like to know more about why it matters to be happy and love your job.

Employee engagement

Do You Really Love Your Job?


Is it really that important? Do you really need to love what you do, or is it just a job? Well we think you can, and you should. How many times have you started January thinking "I must get a new job this year"?

Employee engagement

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