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We Need to Talk
  • How to face every challenging conversation with authenticity and calm

We Need to Talk

Difficult conversations workshop (We Need To Talk)

This is the workshop where things get tricky. People aren't always nice, rational individuals when we try to manage them. So, we focus on the difficult conversations we may have to have as managers. The ones we might be tempted to avoid, or worse, wait for the annual performance review. The key is always to keep the other person flourishing – so having this conversation without risking their sense of value, passion and autonomy.

Difficult conversations workshop journey

  • Explore the science of Transactional Analysis so you can identify the mindsets and behaviours you may experiences within a difficult conversation.
  • Identify the fears that are getting in the way for you when you know you need to face a difficult conversation.
  • Practice five practical tactics for a courageous conversation; preparing, how to start, what to say, how to listen, and how to manage emotions.
  • Live play the tactics in a real situation you have to face.
  • Action plan for the tactics that will help you most the next time you need courage.

Difficult conversations workshop feedback

"Good techniques. Learnt how important it is to listen!... really helpful in identifying my own style and how to recognise/manage this going forward." - participant at a retail company.

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