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Practically Positive Does Pinterest


We've been thinking for a while now that Pinterest would be a great way to share our positivity with you and we've finally got around to setting up our boards. Hooray! We only have a few boards at the moment, but we'll be adding more as we go and we'd love you to share and pin along with us.

We're not just jumping on the Pinterest band-wagon though. It may be one of the fastest growing websites ever, but we believe that it's a great way for us to share images, quotes and even videos of things that embrace our passion for positive psychology; things that make us smile or laugh and to let you know what some of our favourite things are.

You don't have to take our word for it – although of course you can – there is research that supports the benefits of appreciating and being inspired by beauty. When you appreciate beauty more, you also experience more happiness, for example staring at great work of art has been shown to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for reward and the experience of pleasure and this works with any image you love to look at. Spending some time consciously improving your ability to appreciate beauty will help you have a more positive outlook on the future, borne out by an intervention designed to help people appreciate beauty more which led to an increase in the hopeful personality trait.

On a personal note, I find that looking at images of people, places or things I love or find beautiful gives me a real lift in mood, particularly if it is anything to do with my son. We all know that we can find ourselves smiling as we look at something cute, amusing or pretty and that's what we love about Pinterest. It's about sharing and experiencing all the great things in our lives.

Our first boards are called:

• Positive Quotes

• Happy Things

• Kindness

• Things That Make Us Smile

• Jen's Favourite Things

• Caroline's Favourite Things

• Sharon's Favourite Things

We're working on getting a "Pin It" button so that you can pin things from our website and we already have a Pinterest "follow us" button on our homepage which will take you straight to our boards so you can start following us and sharing with us too.

If you have any suggestions for boards you'd like to see or things you'd like us to pin, please do let us know. We hope you enjoy it.



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