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Engagement Boost
  • How to feel better at work, every day
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Engagement Boost

How to flourish at work

Having engaged employees boosts a business's profit. Research shows this beyond reasonable doubt. Unfortunately there's debate around what it means to be 'engaged' (and this is often defined by whichever survey you may choose to use). We chose to conduct our own study, and interviewed those people who love what they do.

Taking a 'bottom up' approach, our original academic research shows that for individuals to flourish they need to feel a combination of six things: Valuable, Autonomous, Challenged, Passionate, Safe and Connected. Our data also showed us what tends to enable or inhibit these feelings.

This workshop helps people plot the extent to which they currently experience these psychological states, and uncovers practical ways for them to increase the feelings of flourishing within their roles. They leave with a detailed plan to get more from their roles.

How we feel about work is contextual. We are not either engaged or not engaged – it's far more complicated than that. It's also extremely important when it comes to how we perform our everyday tasks. This workshop builds on our Flourish at Work assessment tool so that each person knows what to pay attention to in order to have a better day, and ultimately, increase our own performance.

The workshop journey:

  • Explore what your results are telling you about your current context at work.
  • Discuss what enables and inhibits each of the six feelings of flourishing.
  • Practice a tactic for each feeling which can be used whenever a boost is needed.
  • Plan what do to to keep your flourishing high and adapt when external triggers impact how you feel.


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