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The Happiness Retreat
  • Take time out, relax, engage with your life
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The Happiness Retreat

Relax, learn and engage with life.

The Happiness Retreat is one of our newest offerings and is a weekend-long excursion into positive psychology with time for deep personal reflection.

Positive Psychology is the science of what makes life worth living, so we ease you out of the day to day stressors of modern life and into what really matters.

The weekend will be run by a mixture of positive psychologists (we’ve actually studied happiness) and personal development professionals.

Who is it for?

The first rule of The Happiness Retreat? You don’t have to be unhappy to come along. It’s designed for anyone who wants to engage with their life. Triggers that you may need it include; tiredness, frustration, boredom, unmotivated or unfulfilled, sensing a need to change something or a wish to think a bit differently about life and work.

Our objective is simple - to help you feel in control of your life and start feeling happier. This is an ideal event for individuals or couples.

Outline of Activities

The weekend will consist of activities and workshops based on the science of positive psychology, and space to relax and think:

  • Exploring strengths or Creative thinking workshops
  • Flourish at work survey
  • Personal coaching session
  • Life circles or Real relationships
  • Reflection time
  • Massages
  • Mindfulness workshops
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Exercise and optional meditation
  • Healthy and nutritious food
  • Meeting other members and making real connections

The Happiness Retreat is still in its infancy but we believe it will be one of our strongest offerings. If you are interested in helping us build the retreat, either as a participant or vendor, please contact us with more information about you and we’ll get back in touch really soon.


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