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Our Philosophy and Beliefs

Our Philosophy

We have a founding philosophy at Practically Positive, which is, rather than wait for employees to become disengaged, disconnected, sick or leave - we should take proactive measures and make sure they are psychologically prepared to face everyday challenges in the workplace. With mental health, just like physical, prevention is better than cure.

Employee engagement isn’t something that can be ‘done’ to people by the HR or senior leadership team. A brand new coffee machine or fabulous summer party will only have short-term impact. For sustainable engagement, which we prefer to call flourishing, you need to put the power (and therefore investment) into the minds of your people. Protect them from their own negative biases, enable their confidence, strengthen their resolve and they will flourish in any situation. Rewarding for them as individuals, and financially rewarding for your business.

Our beliefs

1. Consistency of effort beats intensity of effort. Trying to do it all at once leads to failure. Unless you’re superhuman. Build habits by picking one small change and practicing it. Success builds success.

2. Focus on the journey, not a perfect destination. The pursuit of happiness can be elusive. And we all have bad days. The key is shifting your attention.

3. You get out what you put in. Nourish the minds of your teams and you’ll see the returns as they embrace business challenges.

4. We’re all scientists. Positive psychology works but it is people who apply it. And we’re all different. Trial, error and adaptation create successful habits.

5. Prevention is better than cure. Take vitamins? Do exercise? Eat well? It’s easy for the body, but what about the mind? Building up the psychological immune system is even more powerful, and yet strangely neglected in our society. We want to change that.


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