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Practically Positive has spoken at various events and conferences around the world, from Copenhagen to Toronto to London. We are passionate about sharing the core tenets of Positive Psychology and insights into our latest research and tools. We would love to hear from you around any conference or speaking engagements you have lined up, whereyou're looking for engaging, fun and educational group talks or workshops.

Below is one of our most popular conference interactive talks, usually for groups of around 50-300+ people, and a 60 minute duration:

5 Myths of Happiness

JenThe surprising truth about what really makes us happy at work

We highlight some of the preconceptions about happiness, particularly in relation to work, and why they are actually misleading. Using a mixture of stories, videos and (sometimes surprising) exercises we tackle the following myths:

  • Positive psychology = positive thinking
  • My boss’s job/next job will make me happier
  • I’ll be happier when I earn more money
  • My ‘dream job’ would make me happier
  • If I fix all my weaknesses I’ll be happier

Everyone leaves with a happiness challenge to keep the good feeling alive.

Watch Jen Rolfe introduce the session here:

Previous speaking engagements

  • European Conference of Positive Pyschology in Copenhagen, Flourish at Work (2010)
  • Canadian Conference of Positive Psychology, Flourish at Work (2012)
  • Breakfast seminar for BLT Recruitment Company, Early Introduction of Positive Psychology (2012)
  • Breakfast Seminar for The 100% Club, London at Institute of Directors, Women's Resilience (2014)
  • First Flight Non-Executive Director Workshops, Strengths (2013-2014)


5 Ways you can Achieve Flow 18 April 2018, 00.00 Sharon
5 Ways you can Achieve Flow
Often described as a state of mind in which you can experience total immersion and involvement in what you’re doing, where things happen effortlessly and time disappears, flow is what athletes often call “being in the



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