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Practically Positive is a training company that specialises in applying positive psychology in the workplace. We work with clients all around the UK to help them improve employee engagement, well-being and resilience.

We are passionate about turning the latest positive psychology research and techniques into practical, impactful workshops. Our training and development workshops, have a dramatic effect on employees, managers and ultimately organisational culture and profit.

We've developed our own unique tool for measuring employee engagement and have a host of solutions for improving it.

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International Day of Happiness and Beyond 11 April 2017, 19.19 Sharon
International Day of Happiness and Beyond
The UN created the International Day of Happiness in 2013 – celebrated on 20th March each year. It’s not just a day for us all to do our best to be happy, or make others happy. It’s much more than that, and in 2015 the UN



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