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Exploring Strengths as a Team
  • Discover the strengths and opportunities for your team and reach team goals quickly.
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Exploring Strengths as a Team

When intact teams come together and really understand how to get the best from each other, significant shifts in dynamic and performance happen. In this session we use the extensive Team Strengths report to explore similarities and differences in the team as they work together to achieve their goals.

The workshop journey:

  • Focus on the strengths of individuals and how these are communicated (or not) across the team. 
  • Discuss and debate a full SWOT analysis on the strengths dynamics of the team. 
  • Uncover where strengths may be overdone in the team and what risks that causes.
  • Explore the unrealised strengths of the team and how they can be leveraged against team goals. 
  • Put the spotlight on complementary strengths pairings across the team to make the most of diversity and increase performance.
  • Create a brand for the team that everyone can put their passion behind.


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