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People Power
  • How to make valuable impact with your role as a manager

People Power

People Power workshop: Management '101'

This is our 'management 101'. If you can get the basics right, the rest comes naturally. We focus on how to make valuable impact with your role as a manager by understanding the importance of your role, having regular, structured but informal one to ones, and by give motivating feedback.

Managing people is a difficult job. Especially when you have your day job to do. How do you make your team feel valuable, and play all the roles a manager has to? This session helps managers realise the importance of their role and get to grips with their most precious tool; feedback.

People Power workshop journey

  • Understand the impact of your role as a people manager and where your existing strengths will help you
  • Practice a conversation tool to get the most from your time with your team members when you are having a one to one with them
  • Discuss and debate the importance of positive and not so positive feedback
  • Explore a structured feedback model to ensure it always has impact
  • Work through two client-specific case studies in order to see how the feedback would feel in real terms
  • Identify the reactions you may get to feedback and plan how you would deal with them
  • Plan a real piece of feedback to give when you get back to your teams

People Power workshop feedback

"I wish that I had had this session sooner - I learned a lot about how to deal with scenarios regarding feedback and how best to give it. Really empowering... It's important to remind ourselves of just how much impact we have on the staff and customers." - participant in a retail company.

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