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Eye-catching Happiness Research


There have been two studies mentioned in the media this week that caught my ‘Practically Positive’ eye.

Building resilience

Is Happiness Really Overused and Overrated?

Coke Happiness

Is Happiness Overrated?

A couple of weeks ago I read that the new global vice-president of creative, connections and digital at Coca Cola, Rodolfo Echeverria, said “What I can say about ‘Open happiness’, and happiness as a concept, is that it’s overused," he said. "Everything is about happiness – there are so many books about happiness, there’s Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. Happiness is an over utilised word in current, contemporary culture."

Well being

Why do we grieve when celebrities die?


Grieving Celebrities

We’ve lost some huge celebrity names in the last few weeks. It all started when Motorhead singer Lemmy Kilmister died of cancer at 70 on 28th December. And then it seemed we couldn’t switch on the news or check social media without hearing that another well-known person had died; Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty and Glen Frey, all gone suddenly and all too young. Each one led to a flurry of coverage and an outpouring of accolades and love from other celebrities and ‘ordinary Joes’ alike.

Well being

Positively Pregnant: what to do when being pregnant knocks your happiness


I originally started this blog on a particularly bad day when I was around 19 weeks pregnant. The usual cognitive techniques I used to maintain a generally positive and resilient outlook were not working or felt like too much effort. I’m now nearly 33 weeks pregnant and have had a number of days like this – as well as, I should say, plenty of great days too. Hormones play a big part, there’s no question, and I don’t mind admitting I had underestimated their impact.

Well being

Ignore Depressing Week and make it a January Happy Week


The third week of January is considered to be the most depressing week of the year – it even starts with what we’ve come to know as ‘Blue Monday’. Our fun and relaxing festive break is a distant memory and we’re all back into the swing of normality, the daily commute, and our summer holidays seem a far-away dream. Add to that the dark evenings and – finally – the cold weather and it’s no wonder we all start feeling a little ‘blue’. I know I have.

Well being

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