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Engaging Your Team

Build employee engagement in your team

As managers we have a huge influence over each team member and their levels of engagement and flourishing at work. This workshop builds on the team results of our Flourish at Work assessment tool and helps team leaders prioritise their focus. What's the smallest change in behaviour that will make the biggest difference to the team?

Employee engagement workshop journey

  • Analyse the results of your own team's Flourish at Work averages and discuss what may have caused them.
  • Pick from a menu of tactics designed to boost each of the feelings from a manager's point of view. For example, discussing the line-of-impact with a team member for something they are working on, to create a sense of feeling valuable.
  • Create an action plan of behaviour, tailored to you, for a truly flourishing team.

Employee engagement workshop feedback:

"I feel much more aware of my team and confident that I know exactly where to focus to get more from them, and most importantly give more back to them as their manager" - participant at marketing agency

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