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  • Building resilience to to keep you going, whatever happens.
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Resilience workshop

At work (and at home) things are constantly in our way to knock us back or dishearten us: change, restructure, shifting goalposts and negative feedback are a few regular examples. We know about physical first aid and proactive health habits, but what about the psychological ones? Building resilience skills has been shown to significantly reduce depression and improve work performance and life satisfaction – across years and years. It's so effective, it is currently being delivered to all 1.1m members of the US army. This skill is a must for all employees. The resilience techniques your team will learn will prevent problems before they happen.

Resilience workshop journey

  • Uncover what it means to be resilient and why it will make a difference to daily performance.
  • Practice separating facts of a situation from the unhelpful beliefs you have about it – therefore taking back control of your reaction.
  • Explore 4 practical cognitive techniques aimed at helping gain perspective and therefore reduce the emotional impact of situations.
  • Put together a personal resilience plan.
  • Finish with 'emergency' in-the-moment techniques to stem those pesky physiological reactions and enable you to put the cognitive skills in place.

Resilience workshop feedback

"I felt that the techniques provided were good and usable in all situations not just work - which is great as people often have issues that they take to work with them affecting how they interact with colleagues. I also liked that more than one tactic was given so that people could find one that suits them. Personally, I had a really bad week outside of work so the session was well timed for me. I would recommend this resilience course to anybody, even those charmed enough to not have needed resilience techniques up to this point." - participant at a publishing company.

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