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Let’s Talk About Managers


How do you really feel about your boss? Are they an inspiration, or do they drive you to desperation? Business folklore has it that people leave their boss as often as they leave a job, also that great inspirational and empowering bosses are as rare as hen’s teeth. But do they? Are they really? And if so, why?

We recently teamed up with Management Today and Redbox to find out what life is really like for the workers – and bosses – in today’s organisations. We asked over 300 people 12 questions to help us and the results make for interesting reading.

Amazing things managers are doing

The most positive findings from the survey were that 81.3% of those surveyed have had positive feedback from their manager which has made their day, with 51.8% finding their boss to be supportive and 49.6% saying their boss is hardworking. Almost half felt they were valued by some people, but not by others.

Disastrous things managers are doing

Meanwhile, on a less positive note, a worrying 46% spent less than 30 minutes a week in one to one time with their boss and 47.4% have left a role primarily because their manager was poor. Of those surveyed, 40.4% of the people who have management responsibility themselves felt their management role would be more fulfilling if they received more support from the level of management above them.

What does this all mean?

It means that, just as we suspected, the research findings tell us that if you are a manager you can have a massive impact, so are you watching what you’re doing?

Think about these things;

1. Are you giving the right feedback?

2. Would you want to work for you?

If the answer to one, or both, of these questions is “no”, then you have a little work to do – but don’t worry, we can help you.

Why do managers matter?

Your front line and middle managers are the key to getting the maximum return on your investment from your people, after all, they are the biggest cost to your business. They see your people every day and, with a little support, can make their teams flourish. Our 'Leading Light' manager sessions are inspired by our flourishing at work model. They mix core leadership insights, resilience and strengths to make your managers the powerhouse of your business.

You don’t have to just take our word for it, the Corporate Leadership Council’s 2002 study on engagement levers had a huge majority of manager behaviours and you can find out more here.

If you’d like to find out more about the survey, our Flourish at Work assessment tool, or the Leading Light manager sessions, then give us a call.

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