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We Love Kid President


If you haven't yet seen the awesome Kid President videos you really must. Kid President, also known as 10-year-old Robby Novak, went viral in 2013 with inspirational videos you can't help but share. He creates the videos with his brother-in-law Brad Montague, a videographer and director of a summer camp for teenagers called GO! A Los Angeles company called SoulPancake, run by The Office actor Rainn Wilson, distributes the videos through its video channel.

Robby has a fantastic positive attitude to life which we love, despite suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta - also known as brittle bone disease – and having had over 70 bone fractures in his life. On the Kid President website, Brad Montague writes: "What's inspiring about Robby isn't his condition, but the fact that his condition doesn't define who he is. In spite of all he's been through he not only keeps going - he dances."

One of our favourite videos is 20 Things We Should Say More Often in which he advises we say things such as "you can do it", "everything is going to be ok" and "just tell people they're awesome and mean it!" we couldn't agree more. His videos are a rousing pep talk about how we all can make a positive impact in the lives of others. In one he says "Helping the people around you... It's easier than you think, you don't have to have all the answers; you don't have to be super strong. You just got to show up... You're never too small, or too blue and furry, to make a big difference."

The blue and furry bit refers to Grover of The Muppets fame, who partners Kid President in this particular video which was raising awareness about Socktober, an initiative in the US that encourages everyone - adults and kids alike - to collect and distribute socks and other basic essentials to the estimated 600,000 people who are homeless in the United States each night. "Everybody matters" they say, it's a wonderful message.

He's even published a book. In his Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world, awesome interviews with his awesome celebrity friends and a step-by-step guide to make pretty much everything a little bit awesomer!

Kid President is the ultimate advocate of the Random Acts of Kindness we're always talking about, taking time out to do things that make people's lives easier, happier, or just simply make them smile, is a fantastic way to do your part to help make the world a nicer place to live in. If each of us took Robby Novak's lead and said just one of those 20 things each day to someone we love, or to a stranger, how awesome would that be?

Obviously it's going to be tough finding corn dogs outside of the US but you could swap them for something else – personally I'd suggest something of a more chocolate nature, but you get the gist. It can be daunting to say some of these things to a total stranger, so start with people you know and care for and once you see how much they love it, you can move onto saying them to people you don't know. Go on, give it a try. You can do it, everything will be ok. Why? Because you're awesome!



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