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5 Tips for being Resilient this Christmas


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...but your hubby has had a huge row with his mum, your child was only interested in the wrapping paper and boxes rather than the expensive latest trendy toys and tech, oh, and you've over cooked the turkey. Just a typical Christmas really.

Expectations are high – and, of course, it can be a wonderful time – but the pressures can be hard to deal with. So, as the big day approaches with lightning speed, we thought we'd follow up our 10 tips for building resilience with 10 tips for being resilient this Christmas over the next couple of blogs:

1. You're only human

Remember that you're only human, and humans aren't perfect. You don't have to follow all of the rules and have a colour coordinated tree, or matching tableware set out just like it was in a 'Perfect Christmas' magazine, and it's highly likely that someone won't like the present you buy them. You do your best and that's good enough.

2. Delegate jobs

This can be challenging - especially for those of us with a hubby who's never had to do any of the Christmas prep! – but if you find some small (or large) jobs to your family you'll make your life much easier – and you'll be less stressed. Ask your partner to buy and wrap a few of the presents, write some cards, or even take the kids to the park/cinema etc. so you can Christmas shop in peace. If you start planning whose doing what early it's much easier.

4. Think about your connections/relationships

Think about the way you're connecting with people, is it in a helpful or unhelpful way? If you're rushing from one social event to another, give yourself some time alone to catch your breath, especially if you're an introvert and need that time to recharge. On the flip side, are you worried about spending too much time on your own? Think about scheduling your time so you can meet up with, or at least speak to, family and friends.

5. Spend some time outside each day

Christmas can be a time when we are all cooped up together for long periods of time, sometimes with family we don't see often for a reason! Stepping foot outside can help remind you that there is a whole world out there and you'll soon be back in it. Go for a walk, take the children to the park, It's about achieving some perspective, and allowing the stress to fall away for a moment. Then head back into the thick of it and make the most of being away from work and the stresses of everyday life.

Hopefully these tips will help you approach Christmas with anticipation rather than dread. Watch out for our next blog with 5 more tips for being resilient this Christmas.

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