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Is it possible to Flourish at Work?


Do you watch the clock waiting for your designated 'home time' or do you arrive at work fired up to do your best and if that means staying late, well you don't even notice? Do you spend your days complaining about the place you work or do you enjoy being there so much it's a pleasure? The point I'm trying to make is, is it possible to be happy and flourish at work?

Employee engagement

Harris + Hoole’s Festival of Happiness


Harris + Hoole are one of our valued clients; they are small but rapidly growing chain of coffee shops and the brainchild of three siblings - Nick, Andrew and Laura Tolley. Their vision is to bring great tasting speciality coffee to the high street, which we believe they do – with bells on.

Employee engagement

A Taste of Flourishing at Work

You may be wondering what a flourishing at work taster entails. Well we gather a group of Learning and Development gurus together and have some fun – and in this case, some amazing cake – whilst we talk about the benefits of helping individuals to flourish. We love to know what makes people happy so we asked everyone to tell us what had made them smile that day and discovered that Chessington World of Adventures have decided to ban visitors from wearing animal print in case it upset the animals. That induced lots of smiles, including our own.

Employee engagement

Practically Positive and London Metropolitan University Announce New Flourishing at Work Assessment Tool

Stop measuring high level employee engagement and start understanding the feelings of each individual. We have been working together with London Metropolitan University to further develop their research into the enigma that is employee engagement.

Employee engagement

Flourishing at Work Survey


Our original academic research shows that for individuals to flourish they need to feel a combination of six things: Valuable, Autonomous, Challenged, Passionate, Safe and Connected. Our data also shows what tends to enable or inhibit these feelings.

Employee engagement

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