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Flourishing on You Tube

Check out a recent interview with Jen and the lovely Caroline from BLT. What's the key to flourishing at work? Click on the picture to see the video. It's only 2 minutes long...



If you're a manager and you need to look at the employee engagement of your team, check out our 'Engaging your team' session. We've designed it specifically for team leaders and managers.

Employee engagement

5 things you didn't know about passion


Having a passion for something or someone is a good thing right? It certainly came up as a key factor in the ability to flourish at work, and my goodness have we seen a lot of it in the recent Olympics and Paralympics. And what's more we were lucky enough to have ringside seats based, as we are, here in East London.

Employee engagement

Why you should invest in positive psychology


Fantastic blog linking Positive Psychology investment to returns from businesses. Copied in from Alexa Thompson at Expert Access.

Employee engagement

6 things that reduce well-being at work


Want to improve your well-being at work?

We read Seth Lawton's great article on Well-Being Wire. Have a look and see which ones affect you most. I would say they depend on your own personality type e.g. some people will be more affected by the challenge of multitasking than others (I actually thrive on it).

Employee engagement

10 facts for flourishing at work


To help with all things 2012 and New Year themed, we decided to dig out a bit of research to share with you. Here's why a Practically Positive start to the year could help you get your best year yet.

Employee engagement

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