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A Taste of Flourishing at Work

You may be wondering what a flourishing at work taster entails. Well we gather a group of Learning and Development gurus together and have some fun – and in this case, some amazing cake – whilst we talk about the benefits of helping individuals to flourish. We love to know what makes people happy so we asked everyone to tell us what had made them smile that day and discovered that Chessington World of Adventures have decided to ban visitors from wearing animal print in case it upset the animals. That induced lots of smiles, including our own.

Finding out what the individual experience of flourishing at work actually is, rather than traditional top down employee engagement, is just our cup of tea. So much so, that we teamed up with London Metropolitan University and conducted a survey to help us learn more. We have taken the results of our survey and designed an assessment tool which we believe will help organisations really understand how happy their staff are and give them the ability to focus on the areas needed to make them truly flourish – how great is that?

As I've said, we do love a bit of fun stuff and have been known to throw the odd unexpected thing into our workshops, so in keeping with that once we had shared our research we took everyone outside into the sunshine to talk about practical ways of getting the six feelings happpening more in their workplaces.

We had a great mix of people from a variety of companies, Hannah from The Breakfast Club joined us straight from a company trip to Spain and told us how pleased she was to have been able to make it, despite the rush. Laura from One Fine Stay loved the session outside, and Jenny from Business Growth Fund enjoyed the tea, even though she had to drink it black because the skimmed milk had run out!

Being a positive psychology based company, we like to show kindness and encourage others to pay it forward. So we asked that everyone present undertake a random act of kindness challenge as a way of paying forward the kindness we had shown by giving them a scrumptious afternoon tea and some fun. Everyone was given a card in their goody bag and we've asked them to let us know how they get on. We've already heard of one:

"I did my deed - same as yours in fact - a bought a burger and chips for my local homeless chap - and his lovely dog. No onions for the dog!"

You might like to know that we took on a challenge ourselves and gave all the leftover sandwiches and cake to an outreach shelter for the homeless in Waterloo, which gave us an extra spring in our step on the way home. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and meeting all of our attendees and now we're looking forward to the next time.

If you'd like to know more about our Flourishing at Work and other workshops or to get more information about the Flourishing at Work tool, please get in touch.

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