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Farewell Summer Sun


It seemed like it would last forever, with warm sunny days stretching into October, but inevitably autumn arrived and it seemed such a shock the other weekend when temperatures dropped to the average for this time of year and suddenly we have rainy windy days and darker evenings. How did that happen?

Well being

My Baby is Growing Up


Starting primary school is a huge milestone in our lives, it's our first move into being a "big boy" or "big girl", an acknowledgement that we're growing up. But as a mum, I now realise that this milestone is in fact a much bigger one for parents.

Well being

Does Facebook (et al) Make you Happy?


How often do you check your Facebook account? Or Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or any of the plethora of social media networks around? Do you rely on them for affirmation and a sense of belonging? Isn't that what keeps us going back for more? So do we rely on our social media networks for the way they make us feel?

Well being

Do Holidays Affect Your Happiness?


Holidays are a chance to take a break from work, see the world, reconnect with and enjoy time with family. But do they make you happier? As I write this blog I’m in that “pre-holiday stress” zone of trying to not only get everything done, but get ahead of myself too, whilst planning packing lists for myself and my 4 year old son – my hubby can sort himself out! – getting all of the washing done and making sure we have everything we need, the cat sitter is organised and asking the neighbours to keep an eye on our house. Admittedly, my fear of flying adds a huge element of pre-holiday stress for me, but I’m worrying about all the dangers a foreign holiday can pose to a four year old… pools, balconies, glass doors, water slides… shall we just stay at home?

Well being

Every Day Should be a Day of Happiness


As we're sure you know, today is the UN's International Day of Happiness. It's great to have a day to focus on happiness, but we think EVERY day should be a day of happiness, don't you? This quote sums it up "Every day may not be good, but there is always something good in every day." We understand that everyone has bad days, but even in those bad days there will be something good that you can focus on and be happy about. The kindness of a friend, a door held open for you, a seat on the train, your child's smile and a hug when you get home... there are lots of little silver linings in even the worst of days.

Well being

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