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Do You Take Sugar?

Do you lead a Learning and Development team? Are you looking for a fab new provider who uses a different approach?

At Practically Positive we believe that training and development should be individual. That's the only way it'll stick... now that's just our cup of tea.

What makes us different? We think there are five factors.

1. We use science - taking positive psychology research and turning it into something you can use in real life (that isn't too cheesy).
2. We know what changes behaviour - before, during and after a learning experience it takes effort. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you.
3. We work with individuals - because every person is different.
4. We're flexible - because each context is different.
5. We have fun - because we know positive emotions are contagious (and bring lots of other good stuff too).

We’re inviting you to join us for afternoon tea, so that you can get to know us and discover our fabulous new Flourishing at Work research and new tool, which will help your talent to flourish, be happy and loyal.

Leave the office early and come and chat to us while we treat you to a scone and a cuppa, just the way you like it, of course.

We really look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Wednesday 25th September 2013
Time: Arrive 3.30pm for 4.00pm start, 5.30pm finish
Place: Tea House Theatre, London SE11 5HL

Click here to register your place; spots are limited.

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