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10 facts for flourishing at work


To help with all things 2012 and New Year themed, we decided to dig out a bit of research to share with you. Here's why a Practically Positive start to the year could help you get your best year yet.

At the individual level, flourishing (or some may say 'happy') people:

  • Live longer1
  • Are healthier2
  • Are more resilient3
  • Are better at creatively solving problems4
  • Are generally nicer to be around*

Even better than that, having flourishing people in the workplace actually affects business metrics, with increased engagement strongly linked to:

  • Greater productivity5
  • Lower employee turnover5
  • Higher profitability5
  • Higher customer satisfaction5
  • Greater discretionary effort6

All of that means money gained or money saved. Either way, with a happy workforce, employers are getting more for their money.

Contact us to talk more. And whatever you're up to, have a very Happy New Year.

If you're a manager and you need to look at the employee engagement of your team, check out our 'Engaging your team' session. We've designed it specifically for team leaders and managers.


*We don't have a reference for this, but think about the person you most like hanging around with and you'll see what we mean.

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