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Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

Make Every Day Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year where everywhere you look there are heart shaped chocolates, balloons, pillows and teddy bears holding ‘I love you’ slogans. There are meal for two offers in all the supermarkets and prosecco is on special offer. It seems that you don’t really love someone unless you spend a fortune on something tacky and give it to them on the 14th February. We think we should tell the ones we love how much they mean to us every day.

It’s one of the most commercial days of the year and is renowned for making anyone not in a relationship feel even more alone. Whilst for those of us who aren’t on our own, Valentine’s Day can create unrealistic expectations about how we should ‘treat’ our loved one that day.

If you truly love and appreciate someone – whether that be your significant other, parent, aunt, child, teacher, friend, colleague – you should let them know every day, not just on a commercial day when everyone is supposed to show it. If you do this, you don’t need to worry about proving it on one day each year with a grand gesture.

It’s true that it’s the little things you do for people that make them feel loved and special each day. Think of all the ways you can make someone feel special, then put it into practice. Do it without any expectation of receiving something in return, just do it because it will make them happy.

Research conducted by Dr. Gottman, a relationship expert with 40 years of experience, shows that each time you turn towards your partner or loved one for emotional connection, you are making a deposit in what Gottman calls your Emotional Bank Account. You add value to your account when you create and build on positive moments between yourself and your partner. So get building up your credit!

Here are some suggestions of ways you can make every day Valentine’s Day and show the ones you love just how much you care for them:

Write a Note

We spend so much time texting, Whatsapp’ing and emailing, yet there’s still something pretty special about receiving a handwritten note or card. It doesn’t have to profess your undying love, it could be a thank you for something they’ve done, or a joke, or a compliment. Something small like a note is sure to make them smile and feel loved.

Say Thank You

It’s easy to take our loved ones for granted, especially all the small things they do for us each day. Try to make it a habit to say thank you more often, not just for the big things but for those small things that often go unnoticed. It makes a world of difference and really makes people feel appreciated.

Help Out

Helping out, even in small ways, is a great way to show your appreciation and love. Load the dishwasher, put some washing on, clean the bathroom, fold the washing and put it away. Or help out with something big if necessary, like being there for them in a crisis.

Say I Love You

If you love someone, tell them! Tell them every day, share your feelings and make them feel special. It will make you feel good too!

Use our tips to make every day your Valentine’s Day, your loved ones will be delighted!



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