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Once we’re both aware of the issues and sticking points, we offer training and development for the population you’re targeting. Often these will be designed specifically for you and to meet your requirements – so please get in touch to find out more and discuss what you’re after.

We’ve got many years of experience in training design, and we make sure every interaction is meaningful and thought-provoking. Our sessions are energetic, but always with time for discussion and debate. Our aim is the transfer of learning - everything is geared towards actual behaviour change.

Though often we’ll design something specifically for you, we do have a few specialist areas from the field of positive psychology (and our original research) that we offer as ‘off-the-shelf’ full or half-day courses for groups of up to 15 people. Click on each link for more information:

We also offer workshops specifically targetted at managers, so they have the skills to ensure their teams are flourishing. See here for more.


5 Ways you can Achieve Flow 18 April 2018, 00.00 Sharon
5 Ways you can Achieve Flow
Often described as a state of mind in which you can experience total immersion and involvement in what you’re doing, where things happen effortlessly and time disappears, flow is what athletes often call “being in the



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