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End of an Era at BPS Research Digest


If you're keen on psychology in any of its guises you'll be familiar with the British Psychological Society's (BPS's) Research Digest. The Research Digest has been instrumental in making psychology accessible and applicable, it's quite simply awesome. Sadly though the editor, Christian Jarett, has decided to move on to other things.

It's hard to believe that it was eleven years ago that Christian started in his role as part-time Editor/Writer for the BPS's new online Research Digest. Since then he's written and edited 259 Research Digest fortnightly emails, which means he's digested well over 1,500 journal articles. The email subscriber counts took off and fantastic feedback began to filter through from all avenues of the psychology field. It was then that he felt it wasn't enough to restrict the Digest to a fortnightly email and so in 2005 he created the Research Digest blog, which gave him the option of interacting more closely with the readers, use of images to help illustrate what he was writing about and the possibility to reach new audiences.

That was when the blog broke into the US and the rest of world, with Digest posts being picked up by The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, to name but a few. The inaugural Research Blogging Awards took place in 2010 and saw the Digest winning Best Psychology Blog.

A great source of information and certainly the "go to" blog for all things psychological, Christian always managed to hit the right balance of showcasing the science of psychology and reflecting the sceptic's point of view, giving a well-rounded piece. He's covered every area of the psychology spectrum and done it in such a way that even the most arm chair of enthusiasts, like me, can understand and enjoy.

The search for a new editor is in full swing, but in the meantime a series of guest bloggers are keeping up Christian's good work with a variety of great blog posts which you can find here. We wish Christian all the very best for the future and look forward to finding out who his successor will be.

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